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The Andersen Dental Difference

As a child, Dr Bernard Andersen was pleasantly surprised by a positive dentist experience. From that, he became interested in guiding people past their preconceived fears and ideas about dental work. 

Now for over 30 years, Bernard has been exploring pain-free dentistry and giving families the most comfortable care possible. With the fusion of technology and empathy, Bernard has been building relationships that leave families feeling cared for and cared about.

“I believe in building relationships. I think that understanding people’s pains, fears and expectations is key to being a good dentist” - Dr. Bernard Andersen


Services & Treatments

As comfortable as possible, the whole way through

We offer a range of different payment methods in order to make sure you can get the treatment you and your family need, when you need it, and with as little impact as possible on you and/or your loved ones.

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